Purpose of the project

December 2022

Over the Christmas period, the Supporting Sisters charity was able to provide Christmas hampers to the vulnerable and those in need. The purpose of this project was to provide aid to the elderly, low income and disadvantaged individuals within society struggling with the cost of living during Christmas time. The project was developed by a group of 12 volunteers who were able to gather information regarding the eligible recipients such as their names and addresses.

Through our own donations and collaborating with multiple small and large businesses within our community, such as Amazon and Borough of Bury Veterans Association, we were able to gather a large variety of items which would be placed within these hampers. These items varied from essentials such as cereal, rice, drink, crackers, soup, tea bags, sanitary products, biscuits to also including items such as chocolates, thermal socks, sweets, fruit, moisturiser, corned beef, custard and spaghetti. Once placed within boxes, the parcels were then covered with wrapping paper to align with Christmas time and the practice of opening gifts, with the hopes that they would provide joy to those who would receive them.

Volunteers who had access to a car were able to personally deliver the packages to the recipient and we were also able to set up a collection service from the Supporting Sisters office for the individuals who had preferred to collect it themselves. Upon delivery and collection, we were met with many grateful individuals who expressed the significance of these Christmas hampers and the happiness they experienced knowing that they and their families were supported throughout this time.

Supporting Sisters aims to continue developing relations with businesses within our community in the hopes that the Christmas hamper project can become an annually reoccurring event, with the hope of being able to provide aid to an increasing amount of people as the years go on. We further hope to inspire other members within our community to volunteer to help our community and it’s most vulnerable and in need individuals.