Purpose of the project

September 2020 – February 2021 - Completed

We ran 2 projects, outdoor walking, and digital support, where both men and women benefitted.

This made a difference to people who had non or very little IT skills and those who have suffered from mental health, depression, and loneliness. By teaching them the simple use of technology of how to access Online banking, food shopping; access to online support; joining online social interaction via zoom, facetime and social media and not having to struggle during a pandemic and preparing them for the future if this reoccurs.

We supported people who were suffering from mental health issues and depression, we trained our volunteers in mental health and first aid.  We formed weekly walking and talking sessions in which 5 volunteers participated to be able to support people who were struggling. Also enabling people to come out of their homes, making new friendships, build their confidence and self-esteem.  Furthermore, this formed into a great relationship between people within their communities and knowing they had someone to talk to when and if they ever felt lonely.

People within the community benefitted such as elderly, refugees, asylum seekers anyone with English as an additional language and those who had no access or never used a computer before.


38-45 women aged 16 years to 75years and 13-19 men aged 16 year to 55, from various ethnic and religious backgrounds including White British, Pakistani, African, Arab, Indian, Christian and Muslim.

£10,000 Funded by National lottery