Purpose of the project

December 2022- May 2023

Supporting Sisters, a community organization dedicated to helping those in need, seized the opportunity to establish a hub to assist people struggling with the hardships of a living crisis. This hub served as a haven for individuals experiencing financial difficulties, specifically those unable to afford their home heating bills, offering them a safe and secure environment during the daytime. It provided a much-needed respite, allowing people to sit and spend their time in comfort and warmth, alleviating the stress and worry associated with extremely high heating costs.

In addition to providing a refuge from the harsh weather, the hub went above and beyond by offering refreshments to those in need, recognizing that financial strain often extends beyond mere utility bills, Supporting Sisters sought to address multiple aspects of the crisis. By supplying refreshments alongside a warm shelter, the organization aimed to ease the burdens faced by the community members it served.

The impact of this project on Supporting Sisters and the community was nothing short of remarkable. The feedback received from the community was overwhelmingly positive, emphasizing the profound difference made by the establishment of an easily accessible, sheltered, and warm area for struggling families and individuals. The success of the hub validated the organization’s efforts and highlighted the pressing need for such initiatives in times of crisis.

Encouraged by the transformative power of providing a safe space for community members, Supporting Sisters now aspires to expand its services further. The organization aims to extend its support to all individuals within our community, including the youth, elderly, disadvantaged, and vulnerable individuals. By offering a secure place to stay during difficult times, Supporting Sisters seeks to strengthen and support the community, reinforcing its commitment to aiding those who need it the most.

As Supporting Sisters continues to evolve and respond to the ever-changing needs of the community, its dedication to providing a safe haven remains unwavering. Through our ongoing efforts, we hope to foster a more resilient and compassionate society, where everyone has access to the support and care they deserve, particularly during times of crisis.