Want to join us?

There are a few reasons why it’s great to volunteer, it presents the opportunity to step back from our everyday lives, be grateful for what we have and give back in whatever way we can to others, making a difference to people’s lives. It can be simply by talking and listening to someone or teaching them something new.


If this is something you would like to get involved in, please email us.

We will also ask you to provide details of two references and experience.

Some of our Volunteers

I applied to be a volunteer at Supporting Sisters  as I have always worked with women and children.. I wanted to use my skills and learn new ones that might help others in need. I loved the MHFA training. We have some great  ongoing support and training which is always, really helpful and gives us the opportunity to develop ourselves and meet other volunteers. 

– Memoona 

I have learnt so much from volunteering at Supporting Sisters We have a great team of dedicated, passionate women who enjoy  helping others. They’re lovely to work with, I feel proud to be part of a support group that changes people’s lives. 


Having reached a certain point in my personal life, being married and had children, I wanted to share something of myself which might bring benefit to someone else. I came to use the services at Supporting Sisters wanting to meet new people and make new friends.

I began with the Chit Chat mornings and the walking on the weekends which was brilliant for my mental health. I was able to take part in training in mental health awareness and domestic violence and lead on the walking group, 3 years on and I’m still here! 

– Jodie 

I started volunteering with supporting sister because I was very under confident and feeling lonely. Supporting sister have helped me overcome my anxiety and under confidence.

– Nasreen 

For me, being part of a Supporting Sisters team is amazing, I first attended supporting sisters at a HateCrime which was organised by them. I met women of different faith and backgrounds and made new friends, it was great to see such diversity in the group. I felt I could be a part of this group as they were open to everyone. 

I went on to volunteer at all

The events so far which I absolutely love! The group is so unique and supportive. Any free time I have I always attend the workshops where I’m able to listen to people and feel I’m making a difference to someone.

– Yelliz 

I have been volunteering at Supporting Sisters from the beginning in 2019. When my last child was in full time education I didn’t know what to with myself being at home all day. 

Through my volunteering I have gained confidence and independence. As well as encouraging other women to join the workshops. I have trained in mental Health First Aid, Domestic violence awareness, First Aid and HateCrime.

With the knowledge I have gained I can support many people in the communities and those who are struggling. I am know steering groups with the women who attend the sessions. 

– Uzi