Purpose of the project

September 2021 2 Day Training

The objective of this project was to develop and expand upon the knowledge of the course participants regarding mental health awareness. Through contributing to group discussions, active listening and independent work, the participants will be enabled to become certified Mental Health First Aiders. Thus, consequently enabling the participants to utilise their attained skills and knowledge confidently, efficiently, and appropriately to real-life situations, within both personal and professional environments.

Conducting this project also enabled the foundation of Supporting Sisters strengthen members of the community experiencing distress or requiring support can confidently gain support from now-certified volunteers.


This training has had an encouraging impact, enabling participants to feel inspired by training. This has enabled the ladies and given them confidence to be able to discuss openly within their communities where mental health is viewed as a taboo subject and very little understanding of the definition of it.

They felt the need to raise more awareness and educate others within the south Asian communities as mental health is never discussed, due to the lack of understanding and education.

This has given the delegates the opportunity to understand individuals with existing mental health problem. The training has enabled the participants to break down barriers and talk more openly due to knowing more about mental health problems and how common they are.

Participants have subsequently adapted their views based upon this newfound knowledge and display strong agreement and understanding regarding the importance of mental health awareness. This project has facilitated the participants through improving their confidence, skills, and knowledge significantly.

This has also led for us to focussing on outdoor walking as part of mental health and look at more funding to train another 7 ladies in MHFA. The delegates mainly work in the education sector and alongside vulnerable young adults, therefore they have been implementing the training within their workplaces and personal life and have a better understanding in how to aid people in mental health.


Participants consisted of 7 women ranging from ages of 20 – 50 with diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds including: White British, Pakistani, British Pakistani, Christian, Muslim and people of non-Faith.

Funded by: GMCVO